Weimaraner FAQ

Q: Are blue Weimaraners rare?

A: No, they are a mutated gene that can appear in litters. It is not a desirable Weimaraner. Although, some puppy mills will sell them as rare and therefore, more expensive than a gray Weimaraner, they are not. Germany does not recognize a blue Weimaraner. The blue Weimaraner can have a very bad temperament, be very stubborn, have various health problems and be extremely independent. However, most of the blues we come across in rescue have wonderful personalities and make great family pets. They are just as loving as the gray Weims.


Q: Are Weims loyal to their family & children?

A:Yes, they are very loyal to their family and children. Because Weims are so loyal, it can often lead to problems in the home. It is always best to keep your Weim away from the door when allowing guests to enter your home. Then, bring the Weim out to introduce them to your company. Also, Weims are very protective of their family’s children. They don’t understand that children play fight and kids will hit and bite each other. The Weim may attempt to punish the child ’hurting’ their family’s child. They must be socialized with children of all ages and they must be taught it’s okay for kids to play fight. A well socialized Weim is a very loving and loyal Weimaraner.


Do Weims experience seperation anxiety?

A: Yes, Weims are known to exhibit separation anxiety. One of the worst mistakes people make is taking their Weim with them everywhere they go. The Weim doesn’t understand that when it’s time for the owners to attend a non-dog function why it is left alone and becomes scared or think they are being punished and go into depression or the opposite and become obnoxious trying to get the owners attention. Starting as a puppy, the Weim should be crate trained. Weims at any age can be crate trained.

Once you begin your crate training or any training, you must be firm, consistent, but, loving. Remember your Weim is like a toddler on 4 legs for life, you will need to repeat yourself a few times for anything new you are teaching to stick. Stay the course with your training and you will have the best friend and family member you could ask for.


Q: How do I prepare my Weimaraner for a family in the future?

A: We see many Weims come into rescue due to a couple starting a new family and the Weim is jealous or not adjusting to the new born baby. If you are a young couple or person that is thinking about getting a puppy and is thinking about starting a family in the future, prep the puppy for this future family as it grows up. Take it to day cares and let the puppy play with kids, get tapes of baby sounds and play it, bring things into the puppies life that would be around kids and let it see that a baby is just another member of the family and not a replacement for the puppy.


Q: Are Weimaraners curious and how do I nurture that trait?

A: Weimaraners are naturally curious dogs. Use this trait to help it bond with the family. If you find your Weim likes to use their paws to do things, teach it to shake hands. Get the family involved with teaching the Weim tricks. If you see that your Weim likes to pick up things, then teach it to pick up items you have dropped—car keys, spoons, shoes, etc. Make teaching your Weim fun and something that will help you out in your daily lives.


Q: Just how cute are Weimaraner puppies?

A: This picture says it all.