About Us

Since 1999 we have been rescuing Weimaraners.  We love everything about Weimaraners and have deep expertise and compassion for the breed.  In 2008 we expanded to rescue all dogs.  Since then, we have been saving the lives of innocent dogs and puppies - over 19,000 to date.  We are committed to rescuing, nurturing and adopting dogs - both big and small into loving homes.  You can visit us at our 33 acre facility in Loxahatchee Florida.

Who we are

Our mission is to rescue and protect unwanted Weimaraners so they may be placed into loving forever homes.  We find suitable homes for Weimaraners that have been abandoned, abused and or neglected. Every day, wonderful dogs wind up in high kill shelters because their guardians have died or moved or simply can’t care for them anymore.

If we had our way, no dog would spend its last days in a cold, dark shelter. There is so much love and joy in these dogs and rescuing them transforms lives - not just dogs lives, but also the lives of people who adopt or foster them.  

What Florida Weimaraner Rescue does

We are an organization dedicated to improving the lives of Weimaraners. On a local level, we rescue and find them new homes. At a community level, we provide information about caring for then and we educate people about the breed.

Through associations with shelters and other animal welfare organizations, we find dogs that have been given up and through outreach and networking, we find suitable new homes for these dogs. We house newly rescued Weimaraners with our wonderful foster families or at Big Dog Ranch Rescue while we find them forever loving homes.

The organization

Florida Weimaraner Rescue was started in 1999 by a group of Weimaraner lovers. Lauree Simmons was part of that team and has now dedicated her life to improving the lives of these dogs through foster, adoption, education, and community.

The dogs

These dogs (like Itallics to the right) come to Florida Weimaraner Rescue from shelters as well as from loving homes. There are so many stories of dogs that have been in loving homes and have lost their guardians, or dogs who have been neglected most of their lives and are now given a death sentence at a shelter. They deserve to know love and Florida Weimaraner Rescue is our chance to show them kindness and the love that they deserve.

Italics story

Italics came to Big Dog Ranch in March of 2013.  He was found as a stray in South Florida and thought to have been hit by a car because he walked kind of funny.  When he arrived at the ranch, he was very weak and underweight.  He could only walk a few steps at a time before he collapsed.  He was examined by a vet and brought to several veterinary specialists where he was diagnosed with Wobbler's, a neurological condition.  He was entered into our "Fospice" program, designed for dogs with terminal illnesses or at such advanced ages they are considered un-adoptable.  These dogs go into foster homes where they are cared for and loved for the rest of their lives.  

When Italics went into his Fospice home, he had difficulty moving around and was unable to climb on furniture.  Even though he had difficulty getting up and moving around, that didn't stop him from participating in typical weim antics!  One day, when his foster mom came home from work, she found that he (with probably a little help from his canine foster sister Lacey) had chewed through a bedroom door and was laying in the newly created dog door with his head outside of the room and his back end inside!  Over time, he gained strength and is now able to climb on and off furniture and go up and down stairs.  He is now running full speed to the kitchen at dinner time!  

Italics comes to work with his foster mom and receives acupuncture weekly to help in his rehab.  He has won the hearts of many with his always happy-go-lucky attitude and desire to be loved.  Even though he is a senior dog with a lot of medical needs, Big Dog Ranch and his foster mom are committed to providing him with a life full of love and fun.  And we hear he has even converted his foster mom to a true weim lover!

Our Association with Big Dog Ranch Rescue

The Florida Weimaraner Rescue is proud to be associated with Big Dog Ranch Rescue.